MP Hussain Mohamed Didi : Printing more money is not a solution.

Following the recession under the current administration, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer has repeatedly pushed to overdraft from the Public Bank Accounts, printing more money to cover recurrent costs... Read more »

Fuvahmulah city echoes with calls for “Indian military out”.

Another rally calling for the removal of Indian military personnel in the Maldives is being held in the southern city of Fuvahmulah. protest marks the first time the “Indian military out” protest is... Read more »

Ausy Waseem and Sara Siyam, Management Couple at Siyam World

The newly opened Siyam World in Noonu Atoll is an island filled with wonders and behind this is an amazing team like no other. Ausy Waseem is the Resort Manager at Siyam... Read more »